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I’m in a bloodpact with a friend to do holiday cards so we’re gonna force each other to sit and do them. HOPEFULLY THIS WILL FORCE ME TO VICTORY!! Leave a comment with your address, your plurk name, and then receive things from me hopefully.

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Hello, welcome to Celi's #289945345 rp idea, but I'm hoping to go through with this one!

This will be a PSL (campaign? game? A THING I AM RUNNING) that is loosely based off of themes from series such as Mushishi or Mononoke where strange occurrences can happen outside of people's control due to a power that cannot easily be explained.

Your characters will arrive in a small town where strange things start happening to those that live there. It'll be up to characters to figure out how these things happen. If you can't figure it out, well . . .


I'm looking to start on March 18th. It will start off with a single mysterious occurrence that people will have to explore and potentially solve.

In terms of game style, it will be face-to-face, action tags. No network! People will be able to just post, play around and tag each other as normal until actual plotty plot event things start to happen which I will announce as needed.

Depending on how the first one goes, this might become a continual long-term thing! There will also be opportunities for people to run their own mini storylines in the future. However, if you're in for the one time, that is completely fine. There will be (sort of?) explanations as to how arrivals and disappearances happen.

If you can figure it out anyway. :>

Important notes:
♦ I am really going to gun for some uncontrollable surprises and thus permanent/long-term consequences that might not be predictable! Your character might be out of commission for weeks, maybe months, depending on how actions are taken. In these cases, you can always grab a new character to play with! They might also be able to return someday!

If you are not up for this, this game run might not be for you! However, player comfort and fun is still the priority! You can in fact specify what you do not want to play with. If you're not into permanent removal or what not, that's okay and there will be a place where you can specify this. However, if you are looking for total control, it'll probably be tough especially as other characters will probably be affected in some shape or form.

♦ Because of the nature of this game, there will probably be some content warnings needed! Weird things, body things, bugs and crawlies, some darker themes, etc. Again, player comfort and fun is priority! So there will be warnings wherever necessary and a place where you can specify what you want warnings for. Those who join are expected to be kind towards other players' spaces as well so try to warn ahead for phobias and such if you can (I guarantee we will probably hit some).

♦ This is kind of invite-only! Friends of Celi that are on her timeline is welcome to join of course. You are welcome to invite your own friends, but if you can at least give me a heads-up of who is joining, I would appreciate it.

♦ If there are any other specific issues, please let me know.

♦ Sign-up rules can be found here.
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Please do note that the very first chapter commentary is missing because I read it on a separate lp that was text-only.
trailer (aka lp link and where I start)
part 1
part 2
touhouneko intermission
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8
part 9
part 10
part 11
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Hello! I am Celi and I'll be officially running this psl somewhere between Saturday, June 20th and June 26th. There will be a pre-event for everyone to mingle but the actual event will run for two days. However, you only need to participate in one. The two days will be decided by which days will be available to everyone. There is a possibility of a third, but we're gonna gun for two. If there's a lot of signups (past 20), please be prepared for the third day.

As mentioned earlier, you only need to be present for one of those days, but both is fine!

To sum up what is going on via bullet points:
♦ Your character has arrived in this world, realizing that they've suddenly became a god of [SOMETHING]. They're not sure why or how, but they are completely aware of what had just happened to them. You don't lose your humanity, but instead your humanity loses its limitations.
♦ This [SOMETHING] must be something intangible. Happiness, confidence, acceptance, the concepts of science, etc. If possible, it should reflect their very core aka what makes them who they are.
I have to accept the [SOMETHING] so I might ask you to change it in case of doubles, doesn't work, etc.
♦ However, these gods are not completely immortal. They are currently bound by a chain that prevents them from achieving life goals. If the chain is tightened, they can die and dying for gods is extremely gruesome.
I will decide what your chain is.
♦ The goal is to remove your own chains while binding everyone else down. Or perhaps, your goal is different. Perhaps your goal might be to make sure that you and your friends are gods together. Or maybe you have a different goal altogether.
♦ OCs are fine. No AUs/PGs/Doubles are accepted ( for now).
♦ BECAUSE OF THE NATURE OF THE GAME and my shitty taste, there will be some trauma and such.
♦ This will probably be an ongoing thing with more plotty things in the future. Don't worry if you can't attend all of them. It'll work out. :)
♦ Things might change along the way! I will let you know of course.
♦ COMMENTS WILL BE SCREENED but I will update a taken list for youso you know who's playing. The godhood has to be secret. :3c

Days Available:
God of:

Styx - Captain Cerulyn of the Cutlassfish
Freya - Mikaela Hyakuya
Bri - Yuuichirou Hyakuya
Katy - Richard Simmons
Aaron - Sho'tase Dawngaze
Aave - Jay Merrick
Chizu - Agent North Dakota
Moelle - Agent South Dakota
Debs - False
Rikki - Eve Almswood
Pya - Sanajeh
Cally - Takano Miyo
Claude - Pop
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You woke up with the weight of chains holding you down. Destroy the chains and become a god.

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Hi there! I'm going to be running an upcoming short-term PSL (with a possible chance of a continual storyline) based on taking intangible ideals and turning them into reality!

Or something like that.

Consider things like validation and acceptance and guilt and imagine them as physical chains to a person. Then imagine what would happen if these chains were removed. You would gain a certain kind of omnipresence that would allow you to become something a bit more than human. You don't lose your humanity, but instead your humanity loses its limitations! Perhaps the closest explanation I can give is think Umineko and Baccano in terms of themes. You can be your own god. Or perhaps your power relies on existence.

Each character will come in knowing that they have become a god of this world. They are a god of something intangible. For example, God of Happiness, God of Acceptance, etc. This SHOULD be something that reflects their character in some way! In fact, if possible, it should reflect their core as a human. YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO CHOOSE THE IDEAL (though of course, it needs to be accepted first). However, there are chains that hold them down that prevents them from actually ascending into godhood. These chains are physical. For that reason, there will probably be some physical/mental trauma somewhere along the way. THE PHYSICAL CHAINS WILL NOT BE CHOSEN BY YOU FOR REASONS!!!!1!

The goal is to remove your own chains while binding everyone else down. Or perhaps, your goal is different. Perhaps your goal might be to make sure that you and your friends are gods together. Or maybe you have a different goal altogether.

Just remember, someone will eventually step up whether you do so or not.

The overall format of the PSL is in works and might change when completed. So for now there are no real instructions that can be given. This post is actually more of an interest check to make sure the mechanics of the game will center around it. However, the idea of the beginning game is to be mingle-based to introduce and build quick CR, but to allow individual goals to promote action and direction (much like cry wolf or mafia!). This might be character capped, but I'd like to leave it open!

Some things that won't change, it will focus on action-style/comment spam type of tags. There will be allowance of not being able to be around for a long time (LIFE HAPPENS, you can't always be on a computer) but some activity is still required!

Fandom characters and OCs are also very welcome. No doubles! AU/PG is a maybe, WILL UPDATE ON THIS.

If interested, drop a comment with your e-mail or plurk so I'll be able to link you a post of sign-ups when they go up! Talk about characters and ideals you're interested in if you'd like, but you don't have to have anything finalized yet.
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Please leave any trade requests here for now! Trying to fix up my trade form asap.

Website here!
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I have failed doing these the past few years, but I'm trying to get myself on a track of CHANGE. I'm super determined to finish these this year and didn't even want to put this post up until everything school-wise was done so that way I can consider this a new project that can be done asap. ♥

Just let me know where I know you from, please and an address. The post is screened of course. Overseas is fine.

If you have a post, please let me know too! I'd love to have a card. '^' I keep all of them in a scrapbook, kya.
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Welcome to another discussion round! It is a pretty straightforward game where I give you a question that you'll answer in a new comment for two random cards. Since this is a discussion, don't be shy! Feel free to comment on other player's threads too~

"Dub vs Sub! Do you have a preference between watching it subbed or dubbed? Or maybe you like a particular dub for a specific show? Do you have a voice actor that you like? Feel free to talk about any aspect of voice acting!"
(Example: I watch about 99% of my shows subbed mostly because I am a hardcore seiyuu nerd. I love playing the "MATCH THE VOICE" game, and it's one of my favorite aspects of watching anime! Koyasu and Sugita are some of my faves, but I could literally go on for hours and hours talking about my favorites cuz there's about a million oops. However, that doesn't mean I'm against all english voice actors! In fact, there are a few english voice actors that I really like! Kari Wahlgren as Haruhara Haruko happens to be one of my favorites for example.)

Have fun everybody! You still have until April 2nd to comment to the discussion post from last round! However, this round will end on April 14th to keep up with the schedule eventually!
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